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GEDLux Control Systems offers to custom design your fibre optic network, both for connecting centres in remote areas to connecting various devices within a large installation.
The fastest way to communicate between different installations and your SCADA server is by laying a fibre optic cable with which you also avoid the problems of coverage or bandwidth that conventional wireless communications may cause. However, if a large area needs covering, you have to take into account the actual cost of laying fibre with the importance of the installations with which you wish to communicate.
Inside a substation or a large distribution centre (see figure 1 below), it is essential to ensure communication between the various protections, RTUs, PLCs, etc...

The same goes for installations which are situated far apart from each other and have fibre connecting them (see figure 2 below); it is essential to know just how exactly to make the best possible use of that fibre; and to ensure this, a well designed network of redundant communications is necessary. GEDLux can design, configure and commission your communications network using the most reputable and reliable devices on the market (ABB, Westermo) to ensure maximum performance and protection against possible faults on the line.