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The 3G/GPRS solution is by far the simplest; the only requirement is to position a router using a SIM card, from any data network operator, in the installation.

It's necessary for them to have coverage in the area so that the router can transmit. The router will then take care of communications between with the office SCADA using TCP/IP traffic over the internet without any need for further infrastructure. It is the most economical solution, and in many cases the most appropriate.

To provide this type of solutions we employ ABB industrial communication equipment. These devices support a wide range of temperatures and humidity. Among the possible solutions there are mainly two devices:

  • ABB - Wireless Protocol Gateway ARP600, a router that only communicates between the devices in the system and the SCADA offices. Measurement information, trip signals and close signals are collected by other devices while the ARP600 Gateway will ensure that this information reaches the office.

  • ABB - Wireless Gateway ARG600, a router that also serves as a remote, offers a limited number of inputs and outputs which makes it ideal for small installations up to 3 positions.